Khoj & it’s inspirations

The Khoj journey started by chance in 1988. Akhil had a few extra hours while on a day trip to Ahmedabad, and decided to visit an antique warehouse. A few salvaged wood panels and cornices caught his eye. The dealer was kind enough to have the pieces delivered to Delhi. The creative juices started to flow, and three months later, we had our first exhibition with just 16 items built from the pieces from Gujarat. All but one of the items were picked up by friends within hours, and Khoj was on its way.

Twenty seven years, over 5000 pieces and countless hours later, the Khoj journey continues. We try to create one-of-a-kind pieces from old and antique castoffs – reclaiming, restoring and remodelling them for contemporary usage. Our aim is to combine aesthetics with utility and provide signature pieces with finishes compatible with modern interiors and exhibit them once every year.

Khoj continues to be inspired by the myriad diversity of India’s arts and crafts. The warp and weft of textiles, the jharokas of traditional houses, the intricacy of jaalis, the lattice work on pillars , the tribal jewellery… are all inspirations to start a journey of re-interpretation. Glimpses of these crafts can be easily seen in all Khoj Products.