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Want to enhance the elegance of your room but with a pinch of utility? Column pedestals are your answer. Whether you wish to bring the kitchen conversations to a stylish side table pedestal, place your big brass sculpture, or keep a higher place for your lamp, a beautiful pedestal is your one-stop solution for home decor that lifts your room’s aesthetic in no time.

If you are new to pedestals and don’t know where to start, this blog is the right place. We will explore what they are, why you need them, and what to consider when buying one.

What are Column Pedestal Tables?

A pedestal table refers to desks that are supported by a central column, connected to pairs of feet at the bottom. The term is often used for tall, thin tables that resemble classic pedestals and can come in various shapes and styles. One among these different styles is Column pedestal, named so because they are designed as a table that resemble a column or a pillar.

Pedestals can be made of various materials, including:

Wood: Given its strength and durability, it’s a popular choice for tables. It is also easy to work on as well as easy to get your hands on. You can paint it any colour or polish it to match the decor.

Metal: Metal column tables are one of the most modern styles. They’re made of metals like brass, chrome, etc., which look great and are easy to work on because of their malleability.

Stone: A stone or marble pedestal is a luxurious option and reflects a timeless class and style of home decor. It is extremely hard to work on, and consequently, much more expensive as well.

Glass: Glass pedestals show a contemporary style that adds a touch of airiness and light to your rooms.

How Can you Use a Column Pedestal Table?

You can use a pedestal desk for innumerable purposes. Here are some of the ways you can use them.

As an end table

Make your living room catchy and vibrant with a vintage pedestal end table. This type of deskl comes with a neutral tone and a heavy distressed finish that adds accent to any kind of vintage or boho decor seamlessly. You can keep these end tables beside your couch or armchairs and use them to keep lamps, coffee, drinks, books, or other decorative pieces.

As an accent table

You can use a pedestal desk as an accent table for any room of your house. Whether for an artwork display or as an occasional table with a glass top, these accent tables can hold your sculptures, vases, plants, and more.

As a console table

Not all console tables are suitable for your home decor. However, a pedestal console can be a brilliant addition to your home, one that will never fail your expectations. Go for a vintage wood pedestal as they will always have beautifully crafted carved or minimalist consoles to lift your room’s elegance.

As a dining table

A pedestal dining table always gives a bolder look to your living area and will allow adequate leg room for your members. Whether you want to lift the distressed farmhouse gallery or add a minimalist yet bold look to your hall, a pedestal dining table is your solution. You can sit anywhere between two to eight people.

Top Trending Side Table Pedestals

Here are some of the trending, stylish side table pedestals for you to include in your exploration list:

Traditional antique pedestal

An antique wood pedestal never falls out of time and can be a great addition to your home. They are often made of wood like mahogany or cherry, and feature  clean lines and symmetrical shapes. Turned legs and pedestal bases will add timeless elegance to your decor.

Shaker side table pedestal

First invented in a remote USA village called Shaker, this type of side pedestal is round and sturdy and a delicate merger of a candle stand and trestle table. Its clean lines, tapered legs, and minimal ornamentation give a subtle style to your decor.

Mid-century antique pedestal

Featuring streamlined tops supported by iconic edges, organic shapes,  and tapered legs, a vintage wood pedestal captures a customized profile of mid-century. This type of wood pedestal can also be used for kitchen conversation purposes and can accommodate extra dinner guests.

Coastal vintage pedestal

Capturing the essence of beach vibes and light colour hues and a hint of natural textures, a coastal vintage pedestal is the best choice to add to your boho collection. Featuring nautical accents, this type of side column table gives enough room even when fitted in small nooks. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before you Buy a Column Pedestal

Don’t just dive headfirst into buying a table pedestal, or others, for your home. The correct choice would need to not only adjust to your existing home decor but also guarantee longevity while providing enough room to move around. Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing a pedestal desk.

Do you have enough space?

Measuring space is the first step before you decide on any piece of furniture. Usually, a marble or granite antique pedestal takes up much space compared to a sleek wood pedestal. If you are buying a little space or a banquette, the best option is to go for a cast iron pedestal desk or a panel spiked pedestal. For maximum comfort and mobility, ensure that your table gives you at least three to four feet of space around itself, from the edges to the nearest wall or the next biggest objects in the room.

What shape will best suit your room?

A pedestal desk comes in with rectangular, oval, square, or round table tops. The question arises - which one will best fit your room? A round one looks timeless, always offers an intimate and conversational setting, and serves best for dining or gathering purposes. Square or rectangular table tops are the easiest to fix below a big, wide window or in a lobby and look elegant when decorated with a vase, mantlepiece, or a metal sculpture. And so on.

Is it sturdy and durable enough?

People usually buy a table to bring out the classic and ethnic vibes of the space. A worn, fragile, or dishevelled piece would never solve that purpose. Make sure that the metal or wood pedestal you buy is strong enough to hold heavy objects and that the tabletop is fixed firmly over the pedestal. Check for gaps, bent screws, and cracks.

What Makes Khoj the Best Place to Buy a Column Pedestal?

Our exclusive collection of antique wood pedestals goes beyond design choices. Thoughtfully and artistically crafted, our pedestals not only reflects cultural richness and artistic heritage but also breathes life into your room, exhibiting authentic craftsmanship. The delicately designed pedestals and retro tables will take you through time and traditions while resonating with sophistication and authenticity.

Here are a few more reasons to explore Khoj:

Unique and handcrafted designs: If you value artisans and one-of-a-kind pieces, then Khojcraft’s pedestals are just the thing you need. Our focus lies in handcrafted beauty and giving unique design to each of our pieces.

Variety of styles and materials: We offer a range of styles, from modern to vintage, that will cater to all moods, tastes, and decor preferences.

Sustainable options: Sustainability lies at the heart of our designs. Most of our vintage wood pedestals are carved from repurposed wood, broken marble, stained glass, etc. We reimagine the wear and tear to craft new stories for your home.

Final Word

We hope this blog helps you explore and understand the exquisite world of a column pedestal table. Place one in your room and watch it lift the elegance with class and beauty in no time. Want to find out more about our pedestals? Visit our store, follow us or join our community the Khoj community to learn more about our products, deals, and updates.

Why are pedestal tables so expensive?

Pedestal tables, especially handmade ones, are built by highly skilled artists, designers, and craftsmen. Because these are not mass-produced and require a lot of skill and expertise to build, the cost of associated materials and manufacturing are much higher.

What is a vintage pedestal table?

Vintage table refers to the one that’s over 50 years old. Vintage pedestals usually come with unique designs that reflect their times,  setting them apart from modern, minimalist designs. As such, antique pedestals are extremely popular among buyers, especially ones that value history or appreciate art.

Are pedestal tables better than normal ones?

In an Indian home, choosing between tables and pedestals boils down to personal taste and practicality. Tables, such as the rustic raw wood console or the cream-coloured carved wooden console, are great for dining or living spaces, blending function with style. On the contrary, antique pedestals add a unique touch to artefact displays. They reflect time and tradition and fit into the cultural vibe you want in your home.