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Padmini - an upsara ( Ravi Varma Tray)

Padmini - an upsara ( Ravi Varma Tray)

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These trays are inspired by Raja Ravi Varma's stunning oleographs. The purpose of dissemination of Ravi Varma's valuable oleographs is being carried forward by these stylish home products.

Our intent is for these affordable trays to bring the aesthetic beauty of high-end art into our homes.

USAGE : Hello, owner of this tray! We don't recommend using this tray when you are dashing in and out of the kitchen!

Lay this tray down on a table or by your bed or perhaps let the tray find it's own pride of place in your home. And then enjoy it's gentle yet firm presence.

USP : While the general design of the tray remains the same as in the image, each tray is specially hand decorated and accessorized to give it it's own unique flavor! Thus, there might be some creative differences in each tray.

RECYCLING : Each tray comes with a scrap cloth bag and tag made from recycled paper.

Size: 19 x 13.5 Inches

Delivery Time: 2 weeks