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The Green Elements : Make your gardens come alive with stunning stone sculptures and carvings
The Green Elements : Make your gardens come alive with stunning stone sculptures and carvings
The Versatile Pedestal - Khojcrafts

Interiors and the Versatile Pedestal : Utilising the narrow corners of your home

Pedestals are some of the most versatile pieces you can have in your homes. There are so many ways that this design feature can be used to draw attention to a corner, staircase, foyer or just any  room in the house. The genius of a pedestal is that it draws the eye up from your cluttered floor to a more forgiving and airy spot mid eye level. 
A pedestal adds dimension and height to any space. Place any cool object, sculpture, or planter on top, and you gain even more height in this optical illusion! Add to that, a pedestal's lean silhouette takes up hardly any of your limited square footage.  An effectively placed  pedestal can really anchor a space by creating a strong focal point. 
We've long been an admirer of this easy makeover that can really add so much more to a space. 
Here are some idea on how to best use a pedestal. 
1) Perch for the Greens - In Photographs of Italian Villas, you can often see marble pedestals, with a marble planter/ urn full of greens. Well, the Italians really do know their style. One of the best combinations is to use the planter as a perch for your greens or floral arrangements. Marble / Wooden pedestals offset by cascading, flowing  greens or vibrant flowers is a lovely sight. One can also cluster greens at the base to make a strong, dramatic statement. It's important to ensure that the planter/ vase used goes with the pedestal. 
2) Sculpture Display : If you have a piece of sculpture, you haven't figured the best way to display it, consider using a pedestal. This idea can be used for both internal and external sculptures. A group of Buddha statues combined on a pedestal are a striking way to showcase your collection. The height of the sculpture is important for it to sync with the pedestal. 
3) Grouping of Pedestals : Using multiple pedestals of differing heights is always interesting. It creates a strong dramatic focal point and works very effectively in entrance foyers and entertainment areas. The differing heights can provide dimension and form and used to display a combination of artefacts and greenery. The pedestals together act like a sculpture. 
4) Candles, Globes and Lights - Pedestals are very useful for entertaining spaces, as one can light up candles of differing heights and create an intimate, cosy atmosphere. They can also be used to display special lamps. The height helps to light up a larger space. At Khoj, we often add inset lighting to our pedestals to make them even more multifunctional. They are lit at the top and the base too. 
5) Narrow Corners and Awkward Spaces : Ever found the corner where 2 sofas intersect becoming a dead space. It's in these awkward, narrow spaces where one can really effectively use a pedestal. Use that little U shaped space to put in a pedestal and display a piece of art. It works so well. 
By using pedestal designs in keeping with your decor, they will become an intricate part of your interior space. Being lightweight and narrow, you can manoveur them easily and changing the look and feel of spaces. 
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