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The Green Elements : Make your gardens come alive with stunning stone sculptures and carvings
The Green Elements : Make your gardens come alive with stunning stone sculptures and carvings

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Stone Pedestal

A stunning showpiece that is both functional and stylish ~ an intricate ston jali on a wooden pedestal lit up to show the details.

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The centerpiece of this vintage-inspired living room is a stunning console that perfectly captures the charm of yesteryear. The console features a carved panel that gives it a one-of-a-kind look and feel, and its inset light and elegant curves make it a true work of art.

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Vintage and Antique Furniture Online

Picture this: a few guests arrive at your home, and you invite them in for a cup of tea or coffee. You ask them to make themselves comfortable in the living room. As they sit, they look around and are smitten by your gorgeous vintage furniture! Beautiful sofas, paired with rustic tables, along with old-school clocks and lighting. Oh, what an impression that would make!

If you can picture yourself in the above story, collecting praise and admiration, you should look into antique furniture. The correct pieces can spruce up your home and elevate the overall aesthetics of your living space.

What is Antique Furniture?

Antique or vintage furniture is any piece of home decor that is 20 years or older. Old, handmade furniture usually has a more rustic and rugged look, which makes it beautiful and more desirable than modern minimalist furniture, even turning such pieces into collector's items. However, age isn’t the only determining factor. The conditions of rarity, utility, and unique and artistic features decide if the furniture is desirable or not.

You can use this kind of furniture as a couch, table, pedestal, storage unit, drawer, or side table that can hold your souvenirs or artistic objects. People often refer to these artistically designed handcrafted furniture as a decorative art form. Other times, it also serves as a symbol of religious purposes.

How Vintage Furniture Uplifts your Home

When you decide to search for an “Antique furniture store near me” and buy one for your living room or bedroom, you are not just adding a decorative, functional piece. You are giving people a starter pack for conversation, served with timeless design and quality that elevates your aesthetics in just a blink of an eye.

Here are a few ways in which old-school handmade furniture improves the look and feel of your home:

It gives a character to your room

These are made of high-quality teak or sal wood and carved by craftsmen with deep expertise. The intricate details in design and the storytelling nuances in every piece give a unique character to your urban decor

It’s a good investment

Buying handmade furniture is always worth the cost as the sturdy wood material used can last for generations. Moreover, they don’t need heavy repairs and maintenance except for polishing at regular intervals of time, and that too not very frequently.

All of them have a story to tell

True retro furniture is usually passed down for generations and depicts the essence and history of the time when it was made. It can be interesting to learn about the bygone and the events. This could be a great conversation starter during house parties!

To give a uniqueness to the room

Antique pieces are one-of-a-kind creations and people treat them as luxury vintage furniture. They are often kept as limited edition furniture, which itself embeds a character and individuality that cuts through the regular furniture market.

The sturdiness and resilience

Luxury old-school furniture is crafted with super attention to detail and uses only superior materials. This makes antique pieces resilient and sturdy and can last an eternity, weaving a beautiful patina over time.

Warmth and ambience

People always love something that can cut straight through the replica or artificial things and leave a mark on their minds. Well, retro furniture will always create that sense of belongingness and create an aura for your guests.


Antique ones will always be made of solid wood, which makes them 100% sustainable and the best choice for environment-conscious buyers who don’t like fast fashion trends.

Top Ideas to Decorate your Urban House with Luxury Vintage Furniture

A vintage decor in your home goes beyond just being a mere interior checklist. It seamlessly infuses a timeless trend into your ultra-urbanized space, giving it a subtle simplicity but blended with a lot of elegance. Here’s how you can decorate your modern house with pieces available at your nearest vintage furniture store.

Go bold

Instead of placing a mono-tone couch, you can go for something like a vintage Chesterfield with rich leather and deep button tufting. Or you can keep a colonial-style, grandfather clock that gives a medieval touch and a polished finish. Or, go subtle with a sleek cabinet with geometric patterns and chrome accents, featuring a glossy, lacquered finish.

Check out our uniquely crafted sculptures for your urban interiors

Craft your own fusion

You can create an era fusion just by placing a mid-century credenza with a Victorian wingback chair and plush velvet upholstery. Or, pair an antique pedestal side table with a Persian silk rug. The contrast of materials and objects will create a visual treat and aura reflecting the taste of the best of both worlds.

Accessorise your vintage collection

Put your vintage collection in the spotlight. Say, if you have a fireplace in your living room, you can place brass sculptures or scones at either side and let it shine bright with flame in the background. Or, if you have a mirror in a vintage, rustic frame, place a pedestal below the mirror and you can place flowers of bright colours that reflect and create illusions. And so on.

Check out our vintage mirror frames

Bring out the architectural features

Each antique piece has a story to tell. If you have a bland wall of monotonous colour or a lot of white space, place something that can create a raw yet sophisticated workspace. Also, if you have higher ceilings, you can go for a retro looking tall bookcases. This will eliminate the blank space while adding a character to your room.

Explore our uniquely carved wooden pedestals

Give a cosy vibe

If you have big windows, highlight them with pastel-coloured curtains and place a wooden or floral design vintage single sofa or chair. You can also put a bookshelf and pedestal table and make it look like a cosy and calm reading place where you can sit and chill, taking your life a bit slow.

Here’s the perfect circular tables for your blank corners of the room

Go for scale, textures, and shape

Keep in mind the shape, scale and texture of the existing objects that are already in place. If your chandelier on the ceiling is huge, don’t go for big furniture then. You can keep a small sculpture somewhere or maybe a vase and a side table with a sofa. And if there are too many places on the floor, you can keep a vintage-looking sturdy trunk that can hold your objects too while letting you use it as a serving table or extra seating space.

Where to find the Best Antique Furniture?

“How do I find the best vintage furniture near me?” Here are a few places to start with that can help you locate the best antique furniture store.

Furniture store

These are mostly brick-and-mortar shops that keep a curated collection of antique objects. You will find the people running these stores with in-depth knowledge and deep expertise in vintage collections and will guide you till you find the piece that best fits your decor needs.

Estate sales

These will give you treasure and valuable antiquities from royal families or heritage. Estate sales are often the best way to buy the most authentic and regal furniture that carries the essence of timeless beauty and elegance.

Flea markets or antique shows

These are the bustling ones that will help you find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces from numerous vendors. You can explore, compare, and then negotiate to make the best deal for the hidden gems.

Online marketplaces

You will have countless online sellers and marketplaces who will deliver this furniture right to your doorstep. With user-friendly websites, these online brands let you assess your room using filters and help you choose the best for your interiors. However, make sure you go through the descriptions, product features and details and return policies very carefully before you order.

Auction houses

These are some of the most common sources of buying an antique object. You will find authentic, high-quality, and original furniture with the lowest percentages of adulteration in them. But the bidding can get quite competitive so brace yourself to pay high prices.

Khoj - Your Trusted Antique Furniture Store Online

If you are still unsure of “Which will be the best antique furniture near me,” then look no further! Khoj serves you as the best vintage furniture store online, bringing the best-in-class and authentic pieces for your home. Thoughtfully crafted by skilled craftsmen, this furniture will not only elevate your decor but also add sophistication and cultural richness to your house.

We are a curated selection of exquisite handcrafted furniture that reflects different styles of different eras. Made from pure wood and high-quality material, these items of furniture will help you add allure to your interiors while adding lots of stories and giving conversation starters to your audience.

Want to know more about our collections? Talk to us or visit our website today!

How to find the value of antique furniture?

The best way to find the real value of vintage furniture is to seek help from an experienced appraiser. In case you don’t want to take any external help, then consider reaching out to a dealer. They will offer you comparatively a reasonable price that’s usually around the wholesale value of items.

Why is antique furniture more expensive?

Age is not the only determinant of antique furniture. The rarity in design, heritage and value, all these factors drive the price. Moreover, if made with authentic and pure, unadulterated material, these will last for generations without any hint of wear and tear, which makes them worth the price.

What is handcrafted furniture?

These are carved purely by hand and are often made or customized on special order or commission. Handcrafted pieces are done with a lot of effort and care and are designed to be the best fit for contemporary furniture. The small hints of imperfections with a lot of artistry reflecting the sheer passion of craftsmen make these pieces special and unique that are missing in mass-produced furniture.

Is it safe to buy antique furniture?

These pieces of furniture feature unparalleled craftsmanship and bring out the best of your decor. The intricate details coupled with high-quality material will not only outlast an eternity but also give a sturdy, robust utility object to be used daily with minimum effort in maintenance. So yes, you can always consider going for antique furniture.

Is vintage furniture an investment?

Yes, vintage furniture is an investment given the sturdy nature it offers. However, make a thorough study of the origin, history, and heritage of the furniture and make sure it goes with the vision you have for your interiors. Otherwise, it will be nothing more than a liability and won’t give you any resale value either.

Why do people buy antique furniture?

Antique furniture tells you a lot about the time it was made. The features, the craft, the material, and the technique to carve often depict the story of a generation it belonged to and is a great conversation starter. Real vintage furniture will always come with a unique notion and a story about the artist, owners, and the people who got to cherish them later.