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Indian Summer : Handpicked Selections from our travels across India
Indian Summer : Handpicked Selections from our travels across India
India's Symbols, Rituals and Folk Art

India's Symbols, Rituals and Folk Art

Did you know  the significance of the curvature of Ganesha's trunk ??? - if it curves on the left side, it's considered the feminine side, said to bring cool and relaxed energy, if it's curved on the right side it is the masculine, imparting ambition and aggressive energy.

 🐘 The depth of meaning in symbols and traditions never ceases to amaze us at Khoj!

As we delve deeper into the heart of our Khoj narrative we're captivated by India's rich tapestry of symbols, rituals, and folkart. Each stroke, motif, or ritual carries a meaning, passed down through generations in an unspoken, unwritten manner.

It's fascinating how these traditions, steeped in sociology, anthropology, mythology, and more, shape the very essence of our heritage. They evolve, adapt, and tell stories beyond artistic expression—they're a reflection of our collective history.

For brands like KhojCrafts, which look at bridging the traditional space with more modern, contemporary renditions, these learnings and traditions inform our brand - using narratives to embrace the culture that inspires our work, embedding meaning in the design of products, and creating a meaningful, shared connection with audience.

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