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Indian Summer : Handpicked Selections from our travels across India
Indian Summer : Handpicked Selections from our travels across India
The Origins of the Jalli

The Origins of the Jalli

Did you Know  about the fascinating origins of the "Jaali"? 🕌
Legend has it that during the Prophet Muhammad's journey of the Hijra, seeking refuge from persecution, a remarkable event unfolded. Taking shelter in the Thawr cave with companion Abu Bakr, divine intervention protected them: a spider spun a web across the cave's entrance. This simple act led the Quraysh soldiers to believe the cave was undisturbed, allowing the duo to evade capture.

This tale is believed to be the genesis of the intricate and delicate "Jaali".

In India, the Jaali's allure has endured across apparel, like the intricate latticework seen in Chikankari, in our architectural legacy and monuments, jewelry design, and in various design and decor forms.

At KhojCrafts, we love to rework and reimagine old pieces in new forms . Our latest collection is a tribute to the Jaali's legacy. We've breathed new life into vintage , weathered metal, and stone Jallis, seamlessly integrating them into contemporary design.

This limited collection embodies our design ethos: cherishing heritage, ensuring contemporary relevance, and embracing sustainability.

Discover the beauty of our Jaali-inspired collection, where each piece intertwines history with modernity. Join us on this journey of celebrating craftsmanship and preserving tradition in today's world.

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