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The Green Elements : Make your gardens come alive with stunning stone sculptures and carvings
The Green Elements : Make your gardens come alive with stunning stone sculptures and carvings

Wooden Jhula/Swings


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    Original price Rs. 43,000.00 - Original price Rs. 43,000.00
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    Rs. 43,000.00
    Rs. 43,000.00 - Rs. 43,000.00
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    The Frida Jhula : Wooden carved Jhoola ( Chains included )

    Khoj Crafts

    Large Jhoola Carved panel at the back Green and brown distress finish Beautiful Frida Kahlo upholstery Great for your home Metal chains included ...

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    Original price Rs. 43,000.00 - Original price Rs. 43,000.00
    Original price
    Rs. 43,000.00
    Rs. 43,000.00 - Rs. 43,000.00
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    Rs. 31,500.00
    Rs. 31,500.00 - Rs. 31,500.00
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    Zain : Oonjal Jhula with metal chain

    Khoj Crafts

    This high-quality Zain Oonjal Jhula is made with solid teak wood planks and comes with a metal chain. It is available in medium size, and bras...

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    Original price Rs. 31,500.00 - Original price Rs. 31,500.00
    Original price
    Rs. 31,500.00
    Rs. 31,500.00 - Rs. 31,500.00
    Current price Rs. 31,500.00

There are many things that you need in a home. It can be good furniture, fancy paintings and a whole load of interior design elements that make your home a place to be admired. But these days one thing which is winning the hearts and minds of people in every home is the classic Indian ‘Jhula’. 

A juhla or swing brings a layer of aesthetic to your house, not to mention it's a fun piece of furniture to have in your home. From sturdy metal frames to cosy cushioned swings, there are a host of options to pick from. A good selection of swings will be versatile, can be placed in indoor or outdoor spaces without much effort and become the centrepiece for your family to come together and connect. However, the markets are filled with many options that make buying a home jhula online a lot harder than it looks. 

Different designs, materials, orientation etc. make it a complicated job for homeowners to pick the swing that's best for them. You need to consider a lot of things like your available space, do you want to place it indoors or outdoors, your climate condition, weight capacity, who will use the jhula etc. The best jhula swing for sale comes in various materials like wood, rattan, wicker, metal, steel, fabric, or macrame. 

Still confused? Don’t worry we are here to solve all your problems.

Things you need to consider before buying a swing for your home: 

Placement, Size & Comfort

These three features are the primary components that one needs to consider before even entering the swing shop. This will determine how big your swing will be, how much area it takes up and its orientation. So, thoroughly measure the size of the placement area with that of the swing to find the perfect match. Moreover, your purpose and use of the swing should also be clear, whether you want to sit, read a book or take a nap. Many online jhulas for sale offer additional features like footrests, cushions etc. to make you more comfortable while using the swing. 

Ensure Capacity 

Measuring the capacity of the swing involves two aspects: the seating capacity of the swing and the amount of weight it can take. A home jhula online would generally have lower weight capacity compared to an outdoor jhula which is made more sturdy keeping in mind it has to ensure harsher weather conditions. If you are buying the swing for your kids then, it will have a lesser weight tolerance so it's advised to buy the swing as per the seating and weight capacities. Also remember, that any jhula would have a natural swing to it, so make sure the area has enough space for it to move. 

Material & Comfort

Let’s be clear, you are not short of options while buying a swing for your home. 


You can buy a wooden jhula for home online or buy a garden jhula online. Your choices of swings are available in several designs, materials, and patterns that allow you to make your choice more personalised and suited to your home and personality. 

For example, if you choose a rope swing, you might want to buy cushions and bedding before you hop on it. On the other hand, a polyester-made design will be an excellent pick for outdoors and balconies. The mounting of the character of the swing should also be noted, if it's a standing swing, a wall-mounted swing, what’s the seating height, the condition of the swing etc. 

Another thing that should be considered is the maintenance and cleaning of the swing. If the swing has cushions and bedding then it can be easily washed compared to its wooden counterparts as washing it isn't the most ideal thing to do. Hence, it's advised to always go for a durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing material in the long run. 


While our aspirations are limitless our pockets do have limits which keep us from going crazy. No matter how much we like a swing or any piece of furniture, we ultimately end up buying only what our budget allows us. The good news is that there are several options available at pocket-friendly rates. What you need to make sure of is to list down the qualities and preferences you look for in a swing and then match it with the many options you see online. Always check multiple websites and sellers to find the best deal for you. 

Reasons to Buy a Swing

To buy a jhula online is a great way for you to elevate your home decor and style. The addition of a mere small swing can make you feel more relaxed since your family can use it to be together and enjoy peaceful moments together. You can place it on your balcony, garden, rooms, living area etc. it sits perfectly well with your home. 

Swings are often linked with peace, serenity and comfort in the hustle of life. Just being on a swing gives a unique sense of calm and comfort after a stressful day. Hence, you can use it to relax and unwind, maybe with a book or music on. It’s all worth it!

If you are an extrovert or someone who likes to socialise and host parties, then garden jhula online shopping can be a great way for you to pull crowds. People can experience the swing and have a good time. Not to mention it can be a great conversation starter for many and a place for fun and memorable evenings!

Sometimes when the weather conditions are nice, you want to experience them in their full glory. And what better way to do some with your garden swing? Take a cup of coffee, hop onto the swing and enjoy! Many people also like to start their days with a swing with the sweet chirping of birds to uplift their moods. 

Both kids and pets love the outdoors. So naturally an outdoor swing will be a great way for them to have fun, learn, and even do their homework in the comfort of the swing in the balconies! On the other hand, your pets can burn their energies outdoors while having a relaxing evening. 

As mentioned earlier, the aesthetic appeal of a swing can never go wrong. You will notice how it elevates the aura of the entire home once installed. You can always pick more aesthetic options like the ones carved with intricate wooden designs or metalware. One can pick the right design and make a style statement among your friends. 

Different Types of Swings

The sheer variety of swings available in India is huge. One can jhula with prices starting from INR 2500 to up to 2-3 lakhs. It depends upon the design and the work that went into preparing that swing. Without further waiting here are some of the different types of  jhula swings for sale for your home: 

Metal Premium Jhula Swing Chair

A strong and durable option for the best swing for home, a metal swing is probably the most premium single and double swing option that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Often layered with polyester rope that ensures stability and comfort, this swing offers comfortable back support along with a soft fluffy cushion for relaxed seating.

Classic Wooden Swing 

Probably the most recognised swing in India, this traditional-looking swing for home has a robust frame that supports a smooth rocking motion. Often decorated with a teak wood finish and large seating capacities, it has its aesthetic appeal. The swing is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with just a swipe. It can be bought online and used as a garden jula price between 5000 INR to 1.5 Lakhs.

Single-Seater Swing Chair

The most fashionable and aesthetic swings available today, the single-seater swing is the most insta-worthy corner swing available. It's also the most versatile option since its light can be easily placed anywhere in the home like a bedroom, balcony or outdoors.

Swing Chair Without Stand For Home

The hanging chair design is a unique combination of durability and comfort. It offers a sturdy design with a strong hanging chain and a sturdy hook, along with a 360-degree rotating spring. It's only disadvantage is that it becomes fixed on a particular spot and can’t be moved. 

Premium Large Double Seater Swing

A double-seater swing can be a perfect palace for your family to jam together in the evening. These swings have a cosy and durable design, with strong polyester ropes and a sturdy metal frame. It comes with portable and foldable design options that help you save space as well. These swings often come with interesting bohemian designs and colours that add more aesthetic layers to your home. Make sure to pick the right one for your home.

How much does a Jhula cost?

There are a variety and range of jhula selling online that differ in size, material, orientation amenities etc. One must carefully assess their need for a jhula, ensure the size, purpose, material and capacity and then go in for the buy. 

What is good about swing seats?

Swing seats are a great way to relax and unwind from life. It eases anxiety and improves sensory Integration which means it supports all the senses to work together. Overall, it makes people feel happy and relaxed no matter where the jhula is placed. 

Which material is best for a swing chair?

There are many materials to choose from, when it comes to buying a jhula. Your typical jhula comes in a wooden or iron design, however, there are many other materials like Bamboo, Fabric, Plastic, Rattan Solid Wood, Wicker etc.

Is having a swing at home good or bad?

According to Vastu, a swing in a house is very lucky as it brings happiness and good fortune into the home. Placing a swing on your porch, deck or balcony can give your home a more regal appearance. However, its palace as a lovely living room centrepiece or as the ideal relaxing spot in the garden is also rock solid. 

Which swing is best for home?

The best swing for your home depends on your preference. Do you want to place it in your garden, room or balcony? If you want to put it in a balcony or garden then a metal swing chair can be your ideal swing, while at home a wooden swing is more likeable. 

Can I put a swing in my house?

Most swings are available online. A standalone swing can be assembled on your own in a DIY method. However, you might need assistance to install a wall-mounted swing, given that you need to check if your ceiling is safe and sturdy. 

How much weight can a swing chair hold?

Different swings have weight and capacity recommendations. For instance, most single-seater swings allow a maximum weight of 150 kilograms.

Which Is The Best Material For A Balcony Swing?

The choice of material largely depends on your preferences and goals with a swing. One can choose the sleek design of a steel frame or the ascetic and bohemian of a resin-wicker balcony swing.

Do I Need Experts To Install Balcony Swings?

Some swings might be delivered pre-assembled, so there won’t be any need for experts. However, you will still require help to mount the swing on the ceiling if it doesn’t have a stand, and you can always opt for a quick DIY.

How Long-lasting Are Balcony Swings?

With proper care and maintenance, a typical balcony swing can last up to a decade. However, this number largely depends on the material, exposure to different weather conditions etc. 

Which Is The Best Shape For A Balcony Swing?

There are many shapes to choose from like egg-shaped balcony swings, hammock swings, rectangular Jhulas, etc. You need to pick your preference.