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Stunning, Antique Artefacts now Live. Click Here
Stunning, Antique Artefacts now Live. Click Here

Kalighat Art Series- Parijat ( Framed )

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Rs. 11,000.00
Rs. 11,000.00 - Rs. 11,000.00
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Originated in the 19th century in West Bengal, Kalighat  paintings were sold as souvenirs in the vicinity of Kali temple to the visitors. This Bengal school of art  style developed over a period of time as a distinct school of art depicting mythological characters.


Kalighat paintings are a thought provoking specimen of rural folk art but has reinvented itself in urban ambience.The painted figures have a plaque-like effect on neutral background given the shaded contours and articulated movements.Originally, Kalighat  paintings depicted religious note, especially Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The goddess Kali in her various famous is one of the most vivid representations of the Kalighat style. Over time, these paintings were used to express social sentiments

  • Painting of a seated man and woman holding a fan
  • Very dramatic
  • Vegetable colors used for painting

Size: 14" x 25" Framed


Shipping,  All over India

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