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A series of standout table lamps and table lamps in wood, metal, paper and resin.
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Relaxation Cube

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Relax. Breathe. Be!

In a busy, fast-paced day overpacked with work and priorities, we’re always on the edge. Often, we ignore the fact that an over-busy lifestyle, without moments of relaxation in between is detrimental to our physical and mental health. Though this cannot be avoided altogether, it can surely be eased out by consciously choosing to embrace moments of relaxation, just for the sake of our own self!
The Relaxation Cube is a beautiful wooden dice that is designed to bring moments of relaxation to you. Each side is inscribed with simple relaxation exercises that help you take a break from your schedule and just be in the present moment. Just roll the dice on your table and consciously follow what appears on the top surface, to experience instant relaxation. Doing this multiple times a day gives keeps you calm, stress free and more efficient at what you’re doing.

Size : 7 x 7 x 7 Cms