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A series of standout table lamps and table lamps in wood, metal, paper and resin.
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Sarayan Warm Sunflower Wallmount Set

Original price Rs. 6,600.00 - Original price Rs. 6,600.00
Original price
Rs. 6,600.00
Rs. 6,600.00 - Rs. 6,600.00
Current price Rs. 6,600.00

The Sarayan river which flows thru the district of Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh which is a small
tributary to river Gomti has been the inspiration for the collection.
The story of this collection is like the story of the river. The small tributary flows into the
famous Gomti and quicky gets forgotten. The Moonj products in Sitapur also live under the shadow of the famous durries coming from the same region
A region with amazing talent of the women artisans. Their work with Moonj grass and their techniques are different from the practice in the rest of the state and adjoining areas. Their infectious smiles and laughter are also impossible to miss.
A special collection that was developed during the pandemic and does tend to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to the home

  • set of 4 wall mount, 18 inch, 14 inch, 10 inch, 6 inch (Dia)