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Summer Surprise : Check out our Sales Section for some great deals and buys
Summer Surprise : Check out our Sales Section for some great deals and buys
Ashtalakshmi  represents the 8 forms of prosperity and wealth for families and businesses

Your Ultimate Guide for Buying Ashta Lakshmi Idols Online

What’s the best way to make your home spiritually positive? It’s to place divine sculptures like Ashta Lakshmi idols at home. Known to bring prosperity, positive vibes, and luck, Goddess Lakshmi’s idols absorb all the negative energy and are believed to give you strength to fix problems, unlock miracles, and bring wealth to you and your family.

If you are considering buying one, this blog is just for you. We will dive into what Ashtalakshmi idols are, their different types, their significance, tips to buy one, and more.


What are Ashta Lakshmi Idols?

Ashta Lakshmi Idols refer to statues of the eight forms of goddess Lakhmi, namely Dhan Lakshmi, Gaj Lakshmi, Adi Lakshmi, Vijay Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, and Santan Lakshmi. According to Hindu mythology, Shakti, the dynamic force of the Divine, manifests in various forms and embodies myriad qualities, the main force consisting of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and her different forms mirror her diverse facets of prosperity.


Why do you Need Ashtalakshmi Statues?

Goddess Lakshmi, being the deity of prosperity and wealth, is very important for Indian households. Her statues are worshipped on various festive occasions, like Diwali, or by married women in her Vaibhav Lakshmi avatar. Other times, Lakshmi-Vishnu idols are worshipped to bring in good fortune. But to perform any kind of ritual, placing Ashta Lakshmi statues becomes important. The sacred idol is believed to be the key to good health of the family and makes the room vibrant.

Apart from religious worship and other purposes, Ashta Lakshmi sculptures can be excellent gifts for your loved ones. Otherwise, you can use it as a mantlepiece on your wooden side table, elevate the entrance of your office by placing it in your reception area, or hang it on your walls to eliminate blank white spaces. Coming with the subtle shine of class, complemented by the best quality silver will take your home decor to the next level effortlessly.


Where Should you Place Ashta Lakshmi Figurine?

The best location to place an Ashta Lakshmi sculpture or idol is where it can radiate the most positive energies and reflect maximum spiritual vibes. You can have it in your temple, at the entrance of your office, in your study area, or in a corner of the house where you need to remove any dullness or negative energy.

Interestingly, the Indian vastu suggests you keep Ashta Lakshmi statues always in the northeast corner of your house or office. It’s an auspicious direction for spiritual activities. Ideally, when you keep the idols facing the west, it gives the best results and will drive away any and all negativity dwelling there.


Type of Ashta Lakshmi Idols

Here are various types of Ashta Lakshmi statues that you can buy:

Ashta Lakshmi Brass idols

Ashtalakshmi brass idols are most popularly used as religious statues for worship, due to their durability, affordability, and intricate detailing. Their golden appearance and resistance to corrosion make them a favoured choice in Indian households.

Bronze Ashta Lakshmi Vigraham sculptures

Like Ashta Lakshmi brass idols, bronze, another metal alloy, is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. The unique brownish hue of bronze adds to the charm of statues, making it ideal for your living room decor.

Marble Ashta Lakshmi sculptures

Marble statues exude elegance and possess a classic appearance. Typically hand-carved, these statues offer a smooth finish and a premium feel compared to their metal counterparts. These Ashtalakshmi vigraham, despite being comparatively heavier, radiate timeless beauty.

Ashta Lakshmi stone idols

Apart from marble, Ashta Lakshmi statues can also be crafted from stones like granite or soapstone. These stone statues are durable and resistant to outdoor elements. Of course, these statues are extremely heavy as well, and thus are usually relatively small in size.

Wood Ashta Lakshmi statues

Wooden statues offer a warm and natural aesthetic, often intricately hand-carved with detailed craftsmanship. Sandalwood and teak are commonly used in the crafting of these Ashta Lakshmi statues. These are great options for home decor, and the statues built thus can be relatively large in size, great for your living room.

Ashta Lakshmi clay idols set

If you want to go for eco-friendly and affordable options, then an Ashtalakshmi idols set made of clay is the best choice. These clay idols reflect unique textures and are sustainable, making them the perfect choice for religious ceremonies and festivals.


Things to Consider Before Placing your Ashta Lakshmi Idols Order

Here are a few things you must keep in mind when buying Ashta Lakshmi effigies on the internet:


Do you want idols for a few-day puja ceremony? Or do you want a big-size statue for your living room? Or do you want to place it permanently on your temple? Your purpose would define if you need a brass Ashta Lakshmi statue to keep forever, or Ashtalakshmi clay idols for temporary purposes. This will also define the size of the statue you would like to buy.

Look and feel

Your choice of statue will also depend on the look and feel you expect. To say, if you want a timeless beauty that lasts forever, then marble Lakshmi statues should be your choice. Similarly for vintage, Ashta Lakshmi silver idols are a great choice, followed by brass idols. For statues with prominent faces for worshipping, clay is your best option.


Material and size, intricate work, brand, quality of metal, etc., all these factors will determine the cost of the idols. So, make sure to set budget goals before you dive headfirst into purchasing religious sculptures.


This is another major factor in determining what kind of effigy you should purchase. Ashta Lakshmi clay idols would be fragile so they would need delicate hands when moving. On the other hand, brass and silver Lakshmi idols last for years but would need polishing after a certain period. Marble and stone statues would also need care in handling, but they are completely maintenance-free.


What Makes Khojcrafts the Best Place to Buy Ashta Lakshmi Idols Online is the best place to buy Ashta Lakshmi idols online, and there are plenty of reasons for it:

Diverse Options: Khojcrafts offers a wide variety of Ashtalakshmi statues, providing customers like you with diverse choices of materials, sizes, and designs.

Handcrafted elegance: We work with various sculptors and artists to offer you a range of authentic and quality idols. Each piece is handcrafted, with unique little imperfections that tell their own story.

Convenience: We will give you a seamless shopping experience. Browse, search, explore, compare, and then buy.

Verified product information: You will get detailed and authentic information about our idols. We update our product listings with every change in product details so you can make informed decisions.

Attractive prices and seasonal discounts: We frequently provide special offers, discounts, and deals, making your purchase more cost-effective.



Explore the exquisite world of the Ashta Lakshmi idols at Khojcrafts. Each intricately crafted piece is designed to enhance your home's elegance, while showcasing exquisite craftsmanship that aligns with your interior decor needs. Bring divine energy to your abode with our Ashta Lakshmi figurines right now!


Which metal Lakshmi idol is good for my home?

While various materials are employed to craft deity idols, brass statues are the most favoured by the public. They are easy to maintain, and can last you a lifetime! Bronze is another popular choice, although it has a dull colour compared to brass. Regardless of the metal though, Goddess Lakshmi idols infuse your surroundings with love, happiness, and prosperity.

Can I keep a gold Lakshmi idol at my house?

Yes, you can and you definitely should! Keeping a statue of Goddess Laxmi in a Kamalasana pose is considered the most auspicious, for ensuring the presence of Sthir Laxmi or the stable form of Goddess Lakshmi in the home. It is advised to avoid placing a statue of Goddess Lakshmi in a standing position.

Why is Ashta Lakshmi important?

Ashta Lakshmi is the collective name given to the eight forms or avatars of Goddess Lakshmi. Each avatar bestows upon us different attributes that we need in different walks of life, like self-assurance, determination, endurance, patience, wealth, prosperity, and more. With these, we will be able to face any challenges that may be thrown at us, regardless of the difficulty.

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