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75 Best Housewarming Gifts Ideas - Buy Them at the Best Prices

75 Best Housewarming Gifts Ideas - Buy Them at the Best Prices

Moving into a new home marks the beginning of a fresh and exciting chapter in one's life. It's a time for new memories, new experiences, and of course, a new space to create your haven. As friends, family, or loved ones embark on this journey, it's customary to extend your warm wishes and congratulations through thoughtful house warming gifts. Choosing the perfect gift can be both joyful and challenging, as you strive to find something meaningful and useful for the new homeowners.

In this guide, we'll explore some great house warming gift ideas, offer tips on selecting the presents, and give the top suggestions for different situations.


What are House Warming Gifts?

House warming gifts are presents given to someone who has recently moved into a new home. These gifts are a gesture of goodwill and are meant to help the new homeowners settle into their space comfortably. They can range from practical household items to decorative pieces that enhance the beauty of their new abode. Housewarming presents are also an expression of care and a way to congratulate the homeowners on their new beginning.

How to Select a Good Housewarming Gift?

Selecting the right housewarming present involves considering the taste, needs, and lifestyle of the recipients. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing a good housewarming gift:

Consider the Recipients: Think about the recipients' preferences, interests, and lifestyle. Are they traditional or modern in their choices? Do they love cooking or enjoy art? Think carefully and line up your options accordingly.

Utility and Practicality: Practical gifts that serve a purpose in daily life are often appreciated. Consider items that would be useful in their new home, making their day-to-day life easier.

Decor and Aesthetics: Decorative pieces that complement their home's style can be a great choice. Opt for items that add to the aesthetics of their living space, such as artwork or home decor.

Personalization: If possible, choose a gift that can be personalized with their names, initials, or a special date. Personalization adds a thoughtful touch.

Consider the Home Type: Consider if it's a house, apartment, or condominium. Gifts suitable for a larger house might not work well in a smaller apartment.

Budget: Set a budget for the gift, keeping in mind your relationship with the recipients and your financial capacity.


Where to Buy the Best Housewarming or Griha Pravesh Gifts?

Finding the perfect house warming gift can be made easier with the help of various online and offline stores. Here are some popular places to buy them:

Online Retailers: Explore online platforms such as Khojcrafts for a vast selection of housewarming presents. This is the best option, as you get a plethora of options without having to jump from shop to shop, all at an affordable price!

Local Home Stores: Visit local home decor or household goods stores in your area.

Speciality Stores: Look for speciality stores that focus on specific types of gifts, such as gourmet food shops, art galleries, or personalized gift shops.

Handcrafted Markets: Attend local craft fairs or artisan markets to find unique, handcrafted gifts.

Furniture Stores: Consider high-end furniture stores that offer elegant and luxurious housewarming gifts.

75 Best Housewarming/Griha Pravesh Gift Ideas for Different Situations

Now, let's delve into the exciting part - 75 best house warming gift ideas categorized to suit different preferences and situations.

20 Luxury Housewarming Gifts

Luxury housewarming gifts are a great choice when you want to make a statement and provide new homeowners with exquisite items that add a touch of opulence to their living space.

High-end Kitchen Appliances: Gift your hosts some top-of-the-line appliances, like an espresso machine or a smart fridge, truly the best present for those who appreciate excellence.

Designer Furniture or Home Decor Pieces: Invest in statement furniture or high-end decor pieces designed by renowned artists, showcasing the essence of luxury.

Personalized Leather or Monogrammed Items: Elegant leather goods like monogrammed wallets, coasters, or keychains can add a touch of sophistication, making them brilliant luxury housewarming gift ideas.

Premium Wine or Liquor Collection: Gift a collection of fine wines or premium liquor bottles, perfect for those who appreciate the finer tastes in life.

Artwork or Limited Edition Prints: Original artwork or limited edition prints from their favourite artists can adorn their walls beautifully.


Luxury Bedding or Linens: High-quality bedding sets or luxurious linens can enhance their comfort, combining elegance with cosiness - a hallmark of luxury gifting.

Smart Home Automation Devices: Smart home devices like voice-controlled assistants or automated lighting systems can make their lives more convenient, showcasing the integration of technology into our modern luxury lives.

High-quality Cookware or Cutlery Sets: Top-quality cookware or a professional cutlery set would be an excellent gift for those who love to cook in style.

Fine Crystal or Glassware: Elegant crystal or glassware sets, for serving drinks in style, are a mark of luxury for entertaining guests.

Sculptures and Masks: They add a touch of drama or flair to a household, being great decorative features.

Luxury Candles or Diffusers: A set of premium scented candles or a designer diffuser for a relaxing ambience can be a perfect luxury house warming gift for creating a soothing atmosphere.

Designer Rugs or Carpets: A luxurious, handcrafted rug or carpet can elevate the aesthetics of the living space, epitomizing grandeur in home decor.

Custom-made Furniture Pieces: You can commission custom-made furniture to suit their tastes and home decor, giving your present a personalized touch of lavishness.

Premium Gourmet Food Hampers: Curate a gourmet food hamper with the finest delicacies and treats, a delightful indulgence for food enthusiasts.

Champagne or Wine Glasses Set: Elegant champagne flutes or wine glasses for toasting to new beginnings, a symbol of celebration and grandness.

High-end Coffee Table Books: Lavish coffee table books on art, travel, or photography for their living room. They are a perfect blend of knowledge and aesthetics.

Luxury Barware and Accessories: Stylish barware sets and accessories for those who enjoy entertaining, a mark of sophistication in social gatherings.

Elegant Serving Trays or Platters: Designer serving trays or platters are a great gift for people who love to host parties - an embodiment of magnificence in hospitality.

Designer Vases or Planters: Unique designer vases, planters, or flower pots to beautify their living space. They are brilliant presents for flora and gardening enthusiasts.

Decorative Lamps: Lamps can transform homes and make them warm and inviting. Stained glass table lamps can be an enduring, timeless gift.

20 Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Traditional housewarming gifts hold a special place as they reflect culture, customs, and time-honoured practices. These gifts resonate with the essence of traditional values and are perfect for those who appreciate heritage and legacy.

Pooja Thali Set for Religious Ceremonies: A traditional pooja thali set for auspicious rituals, symbolizing the importance of faith and spirituality in a new home.

Copper or Brass Utensils: Traditional utensils made of copper or brass for their kitchen, representing prosperity and good health.

Silver Coins or Jewelry: Silver coins or jewelry for good luck and prosperity, a customary gift in many cultures.

Ganesh Statue: Lord Ganesh is a symbol of auspiciousness and good luck in the new home, a perfect gift for your housewarming hosts.

Decorative Diyas (Oil Lamps): Beautifully crafted diyas for auspicious lighting, a symbol of light and positivity in the new home. Great option if you’re on a tight budget.

Paintings or Framed Religious Artwork: Artwork depicting religious or traditional themes, adding spiritual significance to their living space.


Ornate or Antique Photo Frames: Vintage-style or ornate picture frames for cherished memories together.

Traditional Indian Wall Hangings: Intricate wall hangings reflecting Indian culture and art, adding a touch of tradition to their new homes.

Wooden or Bamboo Home Decor: Handcrafted wooden or bamboo decor items, bringing the essence of nature and tradition indoors. These are lightweight and look brilliant in bedrooms and living rooms.

Handwoven Rugs or Carpets: Traditional handwoven rugs that add warmth and beauty to their lives, while also reflecting age-old weaving heritage.

Embroidered Cushion Covers or Tablecloths: Exquisite embroidered cushion covers or tablecloths, showcasing traditional craftsmanship.

Brass Sculptures or Figurines: Decorative brass sculptures or figurines symbolizing blessings are a cherished traditional housewarming gift option for your loved ones

Marble or Stone Artifacts: Artifacts made of marble or stone, signifying strength and endurance in their new home.

Hand-painted Trays or Bowls: Traditional hand-painted trays or bowls for serving, adding a splash of tradition to their dining experience.

Decorative Toran (Door Hangings): Colorful and traditional torans for adorning the entrance to their homes, a customary in many Indian households.

Silver-plated Utensils or Dinner Set: Elegant silver-plated utensils or a dinner set for special occasions, a blend of tradition and sophistication.

Incense Holders and Fragrances: Intricately designed incense holders for fragrant incense sticks (agarbatti), popular with people who pray regularly.

Traditional Sarees or Clothing: Beautiful traditional sarees or clothing reflecting their culture, a symbol of tradition and elegance.

Religious Books or Scriptures: Sacred religious books or scriptures for spiritual guidance, like the Bhagavad Gita, etc., are a great gift to nurturing their faith and beliefs.

Antique-style Lamps or Lanterns: Vintage or antique-style lamps or lanterns that harken back to a bygone era. These not only provide ambient lighting but can also be great home decor items.

Top 20 Housewarming Gifts for Family and Close Friends

Welcoming a dear family member or a close friend into their new abode is a joyous occasion. Selecting the perfect house warming present is an expression of love and support for them. Here are the top 20 housewarming gift ideas for close friends and family.

Personalized Family Name Sign: A customized signboard with their family name for a personal touch, a heartwarming gift for families.

Customized Family Portrait: A portrait that captures the togetherness of the new homeowners is a very sweet present.

Subscription to a Family-friendly Streaming Service: A subscription to any popular streaming platform for family entertainment, ensuring joyful family movie nights.

Family-themed Photo Album or Scrapbook: A personalized photo album or scrapbook that captures cherished memories, a keepsake of their family's journey.

Family Recipe Book or Customized Recipe Cards: A recipe book filled with family-favourite recipes or custom recipe cards.

Personalized Family Tree Artwork: A beautifully designed family tree artwork showcasing generations, a meaningful representation of their roots and connections. However, tracing family roots can be difficult, so be prepared for heavy research.

Family Games or Activity Sets: Board games or activity sets for family bonding and fun, promoting quality time together. You can even play these games during the housewarming party, living up the place!

Customized Doormat with Family Initials: A doormat personalized with their family initials or name, a warm welcome to their abode.

Matching Family Pajama Sets: Coordinated family pyjama sets for fun family nights, fostering a sense of unity and closeness.

Family-themed Puzzle or Artwork: A customized puzzle or artwork featuring the family. The final result can be framed and put on a wall, serving two purposes with one gift!

Personalized Family Calendar: A calendar with personalized family photos and important dates, which will serve to keep them organized and cherish old memories.

Gift Basket Full of Snacks: A basket filled with snacks and sweets is a simple but very thoughtful gift to bring to a housewarming celebration.

Greens in the Home: Bringing plants into the house has many positive and good vibes. Indoor planters are a good gift too, to go with the plants and decorate the place.

Family Vacation or Travel-themed Gifts: Travel accessories or items to commemorate family vacations, encapsulating their shared adventures.

Personalized Family Milestones Plaque: A plaque highlighting important family milestones and dates, a treasured memory piece.

Family Initial Throw Pillows or Blankets: Decorative pillows or blankets with the family's initials, adding a personalized touch to their home.

Family-themed Wall Art or Painting: Artwork or a painting showcasing the family's unique characteristics.

Personalized Family Key Holder: A key holder customized with the family name and individual keys, an organized and personalized addition to their home.

Family Monogrammed Towels or Linens: Towels or linens monogrammed with the family's initials, adding an elegant touch to their bathroom or bedroom.

Customized Family Nameplate for the House: A grand nameplate for the new home. This gift is best served before the housewarming party though, before your family/friends buy a nameplate on their own. If not, you can at least notify them about your gift, so they don’t up with two nameplates unnecessarily.

15 Rare and Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Want to stand out from the crowd and give a memorable present to your hosts? Here are some extremely unique and rare housewarming gifts that you should look into.

Bonsai Tree or Rare Plant Varieties: A bonsai tree or other uncommon plants for a touch of nature, a unique present symbolizing growth and prosperity.

Celestial Wall Art: A painting or wall art depicting celestial beauty, which may or may not glow in the dark, a rare and captivating addition to their home decor.

Custom-made 3D-printed House Replica: A 3D-printed replica of their new house as a unique keepsake, capturing the essence of their new home. It’s a great coffee table decoration.

Personalized Star Map of a Significant Date: A star map showcasing the night sky on a meaningful date, a personalized and celestial gift.

Handcrafted Driftwood Furniture or Decor: Unique decor items made from natural driftwood, adding a coastal and rustic touch to their home.

Vintage Map or Old Photographs of the Recipient's Hometown: A vintage-style map of their hometown, or pictures of the place when they were young, is a very meaningful and sentimental gift that invokes nostalgia.

Time Capsule Kit for Memories and Trinkets: A kit to create a time capsule with memories and small items, a fun and nostalgic way to celebrate their new home.

Personalized Sound Wave Art from a Favorite Song: An artwork depicting the soundwave of their favourite song, a personalized and artistic addition to their home.

Customized Soundwave Art of a Special Message: An artwork featuring the soundwave of a meaningful message - a phrase you often say together, an inside joke, or the homeowner’s name - is both creative and sentimental.

Slambook for Visitors' Messages: Slambooks were a rage back in the '90s and early 2000s, and we are all for bringing it back! Guests can sign with their messages during visits, a unique and interactive way to commemorate the occasion.

A Constellation Projector for Stargazing Indoors: A projector that displays constellations for stargazing at home for some mesmerizing, quality indoor time. Especially great for urban homes, where enjoying a clear starry night is rare.

Personalized Piece of Sky (Starry Night) on a Specific Date and Location: A piece of artwork depicting the night sky on a significant date and location, perhaps the day they laid the foundation of the new home or purchased it. This is a very rare gift idea, great for your loved ones.

Handcrafted Pottery or Ceramics: Artisanal pottery or ceramic pieces for a rustic touch, reflecting the beauty of handmade art.

Hand-carved Wooden Replica of the New Home: A beautifully carved wooden replica of their lovely new home can be a very thoughtful and meaningful gift

Vintage-style Marquee Light-up Letters of Their Initials: Decorative light-up letters featuring their initials are a retro and stylish house warming gift idea that’s a lot of fun.


Choosing the perfect housewarming gift involves understanding the recipient's preferences and celebrating their new beginning in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Whether you opt for luxury, tradition, family-centric, or unique gifts, the essence lies in the love and good wishes you convey to the new homeowners. We hope our list inspires you to select the ideal presents for your loved ones, making their new house truly feel like a warm and welcoming home.

With a wide array of choices, finding that perfect housewarming present is a delightful journey. Each gift, thoughtfully chosen, becomes a symbol of the warmth and joy you wish to convey as they step into this new phase of life. Happy gifting and may their new home be filled with love, laughter, and beautiful memories!


Should I give a gift for housewarming?

Yes, it's customary and polite to bring a gift when invited to a housewarming party. It's a thoughtful gesture to congratulate the new homeowners, celebrate their new beginning, and help them settle into their new space.

Is food a good housewarming gift?

Food is an excellent housewarming present. Thoughtfully selected gourmet items, unique spices, or a basket of fresh fruits can be delightful presents. They provide immediate utility for settling into a new home and can be enjoyed by the homeowners during a busy time of transition. You can consider gourmet food items, a homemade dish, or a gift basket filled with a variety of culinary delights.

Do you wrap a housewarming gift?

wrapping a housewarming gift is a thoughtful touch. It not only conceals the gift, maintaining an element of surprise, but also adds to the aesthetics of the presentation. Choosing wrapping paper and accents that resonate with the recipient's tastes or the occasion can make the moment even more special. You can also choose unique gift box options, like a personalised wooden box, instead of regular wrapping paper to make your present more remarkable.

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