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  • Romancing the Jhula : How to integrate it into your home

    Swings in the western world are considered a calming stress free activity – It releases endorphins into the body which makes us feel happier and mo...
  • 10 Wall Décor Ideas for your Home

    Want to refresh and create a new look for your home …Look no further than your walls to create a brand new look for your home ? Those  walls are fi...
  • The 70 :30 Rule of Interiors

    A simple rule of thumb many interior designers follow is the  70:30 hack   for decorating  a room. 70% of the room in one style and 30% in another. This delicious  “Mix”  of 2 or more styles creates a unique and eclectic look making  the space more personal and individual and bringing your own personalised style signature. 
  • The Ritual Khoj : The Khoj Exhibition over the years

    The annual  Khoj exhibition has been a ritual for many - representing an annual pre Diwali tradition to fill the house with a special piece or two and catch up with festivities. 

    Hari Krishnan, advertising professional, amateur artist, avid digital artist,  is a typical Khoj insider. He's an avid collector of Khoj pieces, one of our biggest evangelists and a documenter of the Khoj exhibition over the years. 

    In this blog, he captures the exhibition glimpses from the years past, shares his personal collection and re-lives his discovery of Khoj. 

  • Originilism and Tharu Tribe

    Our partner, Mon Ami Foundation has shared a short writeup on their work with the Tharu Tribe. Also a short photo feature documenting the women and...
  • The Legends of Shasthi and Ashtami during Durga Puja

    The Durga Puja in Bengal is an iconic festivity and captured in it's many moods and facets by various artists, photographers, filmmakers, authors over time.

    For many of us who remain fascinated by the stories and rituals, Jashaswi Ghose, corporate lawyer and history buff takes us on a journey down the stories and symbolism behind the 6th and 8th days of the Pujo. He shares some images of his family Puja as well as some from Sotheby archives. 

  • Raja Ravi Varma's Prized Decorated Oleographs

    Raja Ravi Varma remains one of the most famed of all Indian artists even today. The popular images of mythological characters, such as Saraswati, L...
  • The Lakkad Collection

      The Lakkad Collection : Introducing an eclectic and unusual collection of wooden shapes and forms. These vintage Lota , Matka and other Suraii in...
  • Wabi Sabi and Vintage Indian Textiles

    In Japanese aesthetic, Wabi -Sabi refers to a mindful approach to everyday life, the aesthetic defined as the beauty of things "imperfect, imperman...
  • The Versatile Pedestal

    Pedestals are some of the most versatile pieces you can have in your homes. There are so many ways that this design feature can be used to draw attention to a corner, staircase, foyer or just any  room in the house. The genius of a pedestal is that it draws the eye up from your cluttered floor to a more forgiving and airy spot mid eye level. 
    A pedestal adds dimension and height to any space. Place any cool object, sculpture, or planter on top, and you gain even more height in this optical illusion! Add to that, a pedestal's lean silhouette takes up hardly any of your limited square footage.  An effectively placed  pedestal can really anchor a space by creating a strong focal point. 
  • Tips for Using your Mirrors in Interior Decoration

    Our love for mirrors runs deep. Whether you want to add a polished touch to your interiors, make a statement with wall art or amplify light and space, a thoughtfully chosen, well-positioned mirror can completely transform your space.

    Mirrors are actually a secret weapon